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Decor Style is in our hearts

How it Works

We work with clients in person and with a wide range of budgets (inclusive of design fee and furnishings).

Our in-home interior decor service provides a personal touch as we meet with you to discuss your decor needs. After the initial consultation, you can work with us for as little or as much as you’d like. Here’s how our in-home design process works:


1- U check to See if We’re in Your Area, we currently offer in-home consultation services in the Greater Panama and Beaches area West of Panama City.


2- U schedule a $50 Initial Consultation, email us your availability, what you’re looking to do with your space, and a few inspiration images. We work with a range of budgets and styles, so we can match you to the right home-vision of your dreams.


3- U work with us Hourly, work with us for a few hours or a few weeks. It’s up to you. We’ll handle as much or as little as you want, ranging from decor-only to full project management.

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